The Board of Trustees & the Loveable Loo

The College of the Holy Cross is very intent on noticing when I am away from the Vigil for Justice in order to go to the bathroom.  It’s very peculiar.  The College created this situation by banning me from campus just because I have a protest — which is a FLAGRANT violation of the college protest policy —  and then trying to create trumped up bogus allegations of trespass.  All this time and for many years,  the College never did anything to have the Jesuit perpetrator face federal criminal charges for sex crimes.   Bogus trespass allegations against me — and no arrests of the Jesuit for federal sex crimes.

I decided if there is a THIRD year of the Vigil for Justice in 2014, then I will bring a humanure toilet.   I own one.  They are especially useful in mountain cabins in the winter when the water is shut off.  This is what they look like:


There is more information at this website: Many people paint humanure toilets, so perhaps mine should be purple and white, to honor Holy Cross and my commitment to the Vigil for Justice.   Since there are no walls or a curtain, just a toilet, I am thinking I should get a large purple cape to wear when I use it. The Caped Crusader for Justice using the Loveable Loo!

The third year of the Vigil for Justice, if there has to be one, will be lively and fun and new. EVERY time the College harasses me, I will have fun with it.  So if the College still wants to focus on my bathroom breaks and time away from the Vigil, I can tote the humanure toilet along and use it right there by the main gate.

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