Mom was in the Hospital

I haven’t been active at the Vigil at Holy Cross recently because my mother was in the hospital for the first time since child birth issues decades ago.  She’s home now, but without any clear diagnosis.   She had severe trouble breathing, but specialists say it’s not cancer and it’s not pneumonia.  There is evidence of trouble — x-rays showing both lungs full of some mass, which is assumed to be fluids.  But the specialists disagree about what’s causing what, and she’s home with constant vigilance of medical people.  No one wants to do a biopsy which would likely settle what’s going on because it would be hard on her body with a lengthy recovery.   Before this ordeal, Mom was super fast, always the first one out the door.  She’s trying to get back to being herself but she gets short of breath.

While she was in the hospital, I slept in my Mom’s room because I was the one in the family with the most freedom to do that.  I’m glad I did.

I’ll be back at the Vigil at Holy Cross very soon.  I would have been back on Monday this week, but I had jury duty in New York.

All of this time away has given me valuable time to plan for the future of the Vigil for Justice.   I used to have a ten year plan.  Now it’s a twenty year plan with some ideas on a thirty year plan.  I’m staying with it for as long as it takes.  No giving up or giving in.  I’m blessed to have had so much encouragement and some wonderful teachers who shaped how I understand the call to work for justice.



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