One of My Best Companions at the Vigil

One of my best supporters in the three years of the Vigil for Justice is Franz, aka Mr. Franz.   A blind friend in NYC put me on a waiting list for “reject dogs” from a very large nonprofit in NY that breeds and trains dogs mostly for visibly impaired people.   Franz flunked out at 18 months (he was too interested in the babies he saw).   At that time, I was fourth on the waiting list (after 3.5 years of waiting), but everyone ahead of me wanted a Lab.

Franz wants to be where I am, so he comes on some of my day trips to Holy Cross.   His favorite thing to do all day is chase a frisbee or a ball.

13593_768811573162211_135020534057456704_n 10491075_768810689828966_6379903145128098805_n

When he doesn’t come with me, he is always eager to see me when I get home.   I am very, very blessed.

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