Ignorance of Title IX at the College of the Holy Cross

In the past month I learned about extraordinary ignorance of Title IX at the College of the Holy Cross.  Neither William Conley, Jr., nor  Robert Hart (head of Public Safety) knew who is the Title IX Coordinator at Holy Cross.   Turns out the director is Conley, who chose not to respond to my email.   Hart ignored email and phone calls for a month.   So, I contacted Sue Feitelberg, a member of the Board of Trustees who I thought cared about things like this.   She ignored me too.   Then I heard from someone I never contacted because he is involved in the unlawful retaliation against me:   Vincent O’Rourke, the college lawyer.   I never contacted him, but he contacted me.  O’Rourke wrongly claims Title IX only covers current students and employees.   Actually, Title IX also covers FORMER STUDENTS like me.   Fortunately, there are many helpful sources of information about Title IX, so it’s very easy for me to prove the college lawyer got it wrong.   Title IX prohibits retaliation against both current and former students with claims of sexual assault and retaliation.   So I want to file a complaint with the Title IX coordinator.    It looks like I have to report the college’s ignorance and failure to take my complaint to the federal Office of Civil Rights instead.

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