862 Days Have Passed Since Holy Cross Agreed to “Settlement Talks”

The College of the Holy Cross agreed to engage in settlement talks over two years ago, but other than a meeting four months later, no effort has been made.  I am keeping track of the delay and I will hold the Board of Trustees of the college responsible for the delay.  The intelligent and experienced members of the board, supposedly on the board for their leadership abilities, surely know the tremendous harm they cause to people’s lives by lying, misleading, jerking people around, and delaying.  I am going to hold them responsible for their conduct by requiring that they make very large donations to people in need and to organizations that try to serve people in need.   They say Holy Cross is a Catholic Jesuit institution with a mission to educate people for service and leadership.  Well, let’s see the Board of Trustees exercise leadership by taking responsibility and holding themselves accountable.   Trust me, I will stay with this Vigil for Justice until I see accountability.

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2 Responses to 862 Days Have Passed Since Holy Cross Agreed to “Settlement Talks”

  1. Patricia Anne Cahill says:

    Let’s not forget the protests led by Fr. Robert Houston regarding the Holy Cross pedophile….Fr Daniel Millard……once again nothing was done for the victims of Millard’s atrocities. Holy Cross?…..I doubt it…more like wholly damned.

  2. Holy Cross lives for power and abuses power. I see this now more than ever. Retaliation is ingrained in the leadership of the college. They pounce on anyone who angers them. Victims who speak up are harassed. My friends who are local to Holy Cross want me to do more in the media because I have built up an extraordinary record of the retaliation I’ve experienced. Like you say, the college does nothing for victims. It should be made known.

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