Violations of Civil Rights by Fr. Boroughs and the College Administration

Yesterday the administration of the College of the Holy Cross deliberately violated my civil rights.  They called the Worcester Police Department to shut down my protest.   I have constitutional rights to protest and Fr. Boroughs did not mind violating them.   I contacted a civil rights lawyer and learned many laws were broken when the college made this call and the Worcester police interfered.   I now have an active referral to the ACLU to handle it.   This protest is three years old, so any interference is deliberate and intentional.

I left the protest after being strong armed to do so, but made it clear I would be back after talking to the civil rights lawyer.   I returned about 90 minutes later and started protesting again.   Later today I am calling the ACLU to follow up.  I am staying with this protest for as long as it takes.  I expect it to take a long time.

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