The Deceitful Leadership of the College of the Holy Cross

Last week, the college administration sent an email about my protest which was full of errors and misleading statements.  Faculty told me about it and gave me copies of the email.  It had been sent by Ellen Ryder, head of the communications office, but sounded like it was written by the college lawyer.   In the email, the college lied and said they had provided assistance to me the past several years — this is 100% untrue.  It is completely false.  No assistance was offered or provided over the past ten years.   But the college administration sent the email to thousands of people asserting they had helped me.

The college also lied and said I had chosen not to use any regular processes that had been offered to me, but unfortunately chosen to protest instead.   100% false.   The college told me it agreed to settlement talks in April 2012, and then we had a meeting in September 2012.  At that meeting, I was told they would get back to me about mediation.   However, they never got back to me about mediation.  That September 2012 meeting was the last effort the college made. 

So I caught Ellen Ryder lying.  I gave her a response to the email and I asked her to share it with the same audience she had sent the college’s email too, so I could correct the errors.   But Ms. Ryder did not respond.  It’s dishonest and unethical behavior.

Today was the beginning of my second week at the Vigil for Justice in this new academic year.  So far, in just one week I’ve been harassed by police who violated my civil rights and caught the college administration boldly lying to the college community about me.  Obviously, the college has a lot to own up to, and I will make sure they are accountable.

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