More Harassment Today, but Also Some Nice Conversations

This is my second week at the Vigil for Justice in the new academic year, and someone in the administration of the college is calling the police to harass me.   It happened again today.  The Worcester police came. I followed the advice of the ACLU lawyer and took out and turned on an audio recorder and asked the officer to speak loudly for the microphone.  I also got my camera and took pictures of each of my signs and the officer’s car.   I explained the many mistakes made by WPD officers the last time the college called them.  I asked what he was complaining about.  I told him he was wrong and who to check with.  After 15 minutes of parking his car right in the middle of my protest, he told me he was waiting for HC Public Safety to show up.   Public Safety got him to come onto campus instead — which is much better than many cars and cops crowding my little vigil.  (I would have been very busy taking pictures.)

A short time later the WPD officer left without stopping to complain about anything.

That’s the harassment.

The nice conversations were all with faculty of the college.  I am slowly contacting faculty, after contacting many staff offices last week.   Many professors had received my email and stopped to share their views of problems at the college.  Apparently what I am experiencing from this college administration has struck a nerve.   Fr. McFarland never retaliated against me, I explained.  Fr. Boroughs retaliates every single way he can imagine.   People get what I am saying.  Hopefully, we can do something about it.

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2 Responses to More Harassment Today, but Also Some Nice Conversations

  1. Barbara Garcia Boehland says:

    How awesome ! I’m glad ur able to get ur point across! I support u 100%. Keep up the good work. Record, record;-)

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