Sad Today

It is unusual for me to feel sad, crying kind of sad, but three times in two days I’ve had to leave the Vigil for Justice at Holy Cross because I was going to cry. Part of it is the harassment from cops on two mornings, part of it is telling faculty about sexual assault and retaliation, and part is looking at my own signs (like “Holy Cross Never Turned in Jesuit on Federal Sex Crimes”).¬† And just being tired.

It started yesterday and I haven’t shaken it yet, which surprised me. I’m a happy person. Anyway, just part of the road. It is what it is.

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One Response to Sad Today

  1. From the college’s email, a third lie:
    “You should know that we are very concerned for the health and safety of this individual.”

    With one act of retaliation after another, violation of civil rights, harassment, lies about “processes” and about “providing assistance”, confidentiality breaches, and violations of protest policies — this is how they show they are “very concerned”?

    The dishonesty in the administration of the College of the Holy Cross is astounding.

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