Sad. Guess who notices?

The past three days have been out of the ordinary for me.  Since the Vigil for Justice began in March 2012, I have not had any sad days.  Maybe short parts of days when a sad memory returned, but no lingering sadness.  I am very dedicated to this Vigil for Justice and I won’t quit.   That commitment carries me far.

But I was nearly overwhelmed by sadness the past few days.  I am surprised who noticed and said something.   People in the Navy ROTC program at Holy Cross.   The very first person who noticed was a commander in ROTC.  Today two instructors from the ROTC program stopped to talk.   They told me “You can’t let anyone hold you down!  Stay strong!” and they both raised their fists.      The military has far more training and education re sexual assault, so this shouldn’t be a surprise, but it is.   Fr. Boroughs and the people who work for him have heard much more about what a difficult road this is, but they have not said anything or shown any concern.  (Ellen Ryder lies about that.)  The first and only people who noticed and said something are instructors in ROTC who drive by the Vigil for Justice and we had never had a private conversation.   They just figured it out.

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