To the Board of Trustees

Some words to remember:

“Jesuit education rests on the premise that love is our origin and love our destination. God has loved us from the beginning and invites us to give ourselves in love as a response. At its best, Holy Cross has let you experience where mind and heart, faith and reason, come together and where they pull apart.

When you look ahead, love may not be the first word that comes to mind. No matter. So long as it is the last word. “In the evening of life, we will be examined on love,” says St. John of the Cross. Remember that! It will not matter if we have ever done anything extraordinary or said anything extraordinary.  All that will matter is that we have loved.

Let me end with the familiar words of Will Jenks, Class of 1954, and make my prayer that of everyone who has ever taught you here, or counseled you here, laughed with you here or prayed with you here. Wherever you are in the years to come, may you draw ‘life and strength and hope from this place, this bond, this faith, this love, this Holy Cross . . . ‘”

Paul F. Harman, SJ

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