Holding the Board of Trustees Responsible

I sent this to the Board of Trustees today, via the college lawyer Vincent O’Rourke:

Dear Board,

My efforts to contact you have all been ignored.   I will stay with the Vigil for Justice for as long as it takes for the college to address the problems I brought to your attention.   A recent communication sent by the college administration to more than five thousand people made it very clear you are willing to lie and deceive about the reasons for my protest.  The college lied and said it had made other processes available;  in truth, the college left me hanging when it said it would respond about mediation.  Also, 884 days have passed since the college agreed to settlement talks.   Now you are lying about it.   The college also chose not to make it clear that my protest is about confidentiality breaches by the college presidents, retaliation when I complained, and failure to report the Jesuit on criminal charges.  Instead, the college chose to obscure the issues and say the perp wasn’t here.

Every single day I have to wait for you to take responsibility, I will increase your obligations.

This month I am adding at least one new thing to my proposal.   This month, every time someone yells “Get a life!” or “Go HOME” or something like that, P. Kevin Condron will have to make a $500 donation to the regional food bank.  (We’re past $5,000 as of today.)   Next month, every time this happens, someone else I name will have to make a $500 donation to the Worcester chapter of the Massachusetts Civil Liberties Union because the college violated my civil rights many times.

I see that you are reluctant to take responsibility and hold yourselves accountable.   I will bear witness to these events for as long as it takes.

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One Response to Holding the Board of Trustees Responsible

  1. The food bank in September, the Worcester chapter of the Mass ACLU in October, the Worcester Public Library in November….. that’s my planning. P. Kevin Condron covers September, it’s a toss up right now about who handles October and November. My plans are now more focused than ever before and I will stay with this for as long as it takes. I will absolutely make sure that people in the HC administration take responsibility by helping other people in ways I decide. They’ve put me through hell and I am determined to see good come from it.

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