Kevin Condron’s total for the Worcester Food Bank: $6,000

As regular readers know, I recently decided to hold the leadership of Holy Cross responsible for the harassment I am getting at the Vigil for Justice.  I had to take this step because 889 days have passed since Holy Cross agreed to settlement talks.   Holy Cross leadership knows how to settle a case when it wants to.  Since they chose to put me through all of this, I am holding them responsible by making sure they help people who are worse off than all of us.  This, in short, is why P. Kevin Condron, chair of the Board of Trustees at the College of the Holy Cross owes the Worcester Food Bank $6,000.   I was harassed 12 times this month, and that’s $500 a pop.   So, Kevin Condron, this is what you have to do for our community:  pay $6,000 to the Worcester Food Bank to use in their work, and when they want to thank you explain to them carefully that you are doing this because you made a big mistake and want to do better.

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