Memo to Anyone Who Stops By and has an Answer to my Question Next Week

This is my question since I cannot find an answer when I search my mind and experience.   Please tell me what you believe is right.

What do I do when…..  someone stops to talk to me when they see me and are moved to say something, always someone in a car, who wants to tell me about a very terrible experience at Holy Cross?   In all of these situations, the experience seems very bad and very current.

BUT…. my experience is the people in designated responsible positions at the College of the Holy Cross will not do anything to correct or address problems.  I learned this over and over again.   So I cannot refer people to Philip Boroughs, SJ (president), Kevin Condron (Chair of the Board), William Conley, Jr. (Title IX coordinator), Robert Hart (head of Public Safety) or Vincent O’Rourke (General Counsel).   Did anyone notice the absence of women?   Also, my impression is the college general counsel controls it.

My experience is that when you complain about problems at the College of the Holy Cross, YOU become the problem and the administration will be vigorous in imagining ways to retaliate against you for speaking up.

So what the hell do I do, when I learn about problems that are significant and current?   Last time I said I am terribly sad and sorry about what you experienced and I believe you, then I waved at the next people driving by.    THIS time, the person who stopped said “Why won’t you talk to me?”     It’s because I don’t know what to do.

Please stop by next week and tell me what to do.

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