Philip Boroughs’ Total for the Kakuma Refugee Camp and the ACLU of Massachusetts: $10,000

Continuing what I started a month ago, I am assessing top leadership of Holy Cross with penalties and penance for the long delays it has subjected me to.    Over 900 days ago, the college told me it agreed to settlement talks and would get back to me about mediation.   That  never  happened.

So it’s my job to hold HC leadership accountable for the delays.  Delays harm people.  Most people go away if you delay responding, but I won’t go away.   Instead, this became my work, my ministry and my prayer.   I will hold the college responsible for the delays and it will benefit people who are worse off than all of us.

The total for October was rounded up to $10,000 to cover harassment and indifference this month.   Philip Boroughs is responsible this time, and he has to raise $5,000 for the Safe Haven program at the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya and $5,000 for the Worcester chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts.   The Safe Haven program helps victims of gender based violence; it’s run by Jesuit Refugee Service: East Africa.   The Worcester chapter of Mass ACLU might not need the money but it deserves recognition.

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