Moved to Worcester and Ready to Go!

The College of the Holy Cross is in Worcester, Massachusetts.   The past three years I’ve made day trips (two and a half hours each way), or stayed with friends but had to leave my dogs home, and also tried renting a room off Craigslist.    It wasn’t working.   I missed my dogs terribly, and the room I rented was okay for dogs, but the owner was up watching tv until 2 a.m. and I get up at 5 a.m.

So, I finally bought a house.  I’m moving into it slowly.  I’ve driven by Holy Cross a dozen times but didn’t stop to do the Vigil.   My signs were buried under things I was moving from various places and….. I knew Holy Cross would be there another day.

When I return to the Vigil, it will be very different.   I can come and go several times in the day if I feel like it.  I can go home for lunch or to let the dogs out, or bring the dogs with me and take them home when it’s time.   All through my three years doing the Vigil for Justice, it has become more knit into my life, and I’m constructing a life around it.   It’s my job, my vocation.

When I started the Vigil for Justice three years ago, I sensed it would take a long time.   Ten years was my prediction.   Recently I thought about a thirty year plan.   No one at Holy Cross looks eager to resolve it — their only effort is to try to make me go away by violating my civil rights.   So, I am prepared to go the distance, knowing the Vigil for Justice at the College of the Holy Cross will be a regular part of my life for a long time to come.

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