Holy Cross Protest Policy

I posted many times before that Holy Cross is violating its own protest policy and I linked to the policy.

What did Holy Cross do in response?   It took down the protest policy.   Did it correct the violations of the policy?  No.   Did it try to do better?  Nope.   What did it do?   Take the policy off the ‘net.

Holy Cross is VERY squirrely.    Catch them, they move.  See something obviously wrong, they dodge.   Violate constitutionally protected civil rights because a TV camera is coming for something else?     So  what  .

All of this is getting too strange to document.   I just got a referral to a federal office and my mission in January is to organize everything.   And all I wanted to do was get the college to recognize its other problems, re sexual assault;  instead, there are more problems all the time.

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