So What if it’s Hard

Ellen Ryder, the professional communications person at The College of the Holy Cross, never corrected her mistakes in an email she sent about me to the whole college community.   Maybe she thinks that’s her job:  put out a story that is not true.

Kevin Condron, the chair of the Board of Trustees at The College of the Holy Cross, did not seem to give a damn when the college arranged for large trucks to block his view of me and my protest for the few minutes when they thought he was leaving and would drive by.   I moved out into the road (not a stupid girl) and yes, he saw me.   FYI, I didn’t know why trucks parked in “no parking” areas and blocked my sight all of a sudden, but I had been there often enough to know it stuck out and I better see what happens, so I walked out to stand on the other side of the trucks and who drives by?  The chairman of the board.

Philip Boroughs, president of The College of the the Holy Cross, is afraid of me.   Really.   I met with the former president, Michael McFarland, three times.   He asked for two of the meetings, I asked for one.   Boroughs must be afraid.

Vincent O’Rourke, general counsel for The College of the Holy Cross,  told my former lawyer I had a “negative history” with the college.   But O’Rourke never could prove that.   I get kudos from Holy Cross staff, alums and faculty all the time;   people who are not afraid of me and actually have conversations.


When I began this post, I didn’t expect to be naming and writing about people and my experiences with them.    I was going to say why I have endurance for the long run.  But when I began to write about my endurance, I realized it was centered around my experiences with people, hard and easy.   Some of this road has been tough, but it won’t matter.   I am one of the luckiest people in the world, because I can take a stand for justice here.   More on that another day.  Gotta go walk the dogs.

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