100 Days from Today: New Communication

Today I wrote to Holy Cross general counsel Vincent O’Rourke with an email about the need to change communication since virtually all other communication since Fr. Boroughs became president has been futile.   I reminded him that 1,132 days have passed since the college agreed to settlement talks.    After I wrote, I received a reply that O’Rourke is no longer the college’s general counsel as of tomorrow, and I was asked to write to Jane Corr, a special assistant to Fr. Boroughs.

I wrote to Jane Corr with a message to give to Fr. Boroughs.   I said this:

One thousand one hundred and thirty two days have passed since Holy Cross agreed to “settlement talks”.  The college has done nothing since then, and most notably never got back to me about mediation.   Instead, with the help of students and faculty, I’ve learned many times that the college administration tells lies about me.   Among other times, it especially tells lies every September.   Faculty and students tell me about the lies, even providing the texts.


If the college continues to make no effort re “settlement talks” or keeps telling lies about me, then one hundred days from today I will have to communicate differently.   The college doesn’t need 100 days to do better, so that’s enough.   All of my effort to date has been futile, so communication has to change.

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