Changing Communication

I was a philosophy major at Holy Cross at a time when most of the focus was on existentialism and history.   Some colleges were more focused on language and hermeneutics which Holy Cross covered too, but not much.

For awhile  recently I sensed two sources of passion in me growing at the same time.  Civil rights and communication that works.   Through this experience with Holy Cross, 2012-2015, I found that practically no communication works, and less with time.  It stands out because all my other experience with Holy Cross was different, full of easy communication, responses that fit, and a willingness to listen.   This is not today’s Holy Cross.   Today if you speak up about problems and share your bad experiences, the College will tell lies about you, break laws to try to shut you up and make you go away, and tell people they tried to help but you refused — when that never happened.

So I am planning a new way of communicating the next time the college will tell lies about me.  Since I’ve been on this road for awhile, I’ll be ready.

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