What it Means

I’ve received great support over the time I’ve had to spend holding Holy Cross responsible for its problems.   I’ve been lied to (about mediation and communications), I’ve been lied about (in emails sent to the HC community, for example) and I’ve experienced many violations of my civil rights by people who must know better but do not care to do the right thing.

But there are always people who encourage and seek to understand.   There are people who try to help.    There are people who take the time to learn.

So I am continuing with this Vigil for Justice at the College of the Holy Cross.   I took some time off, seeing if time off would make a difference, but the administration ignored every single one of my communications.   I learned awhile ago that this whole vigil is about seeking another way to communicate.   On it goes.   Year #4.

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2 Responses to What it Means

  1. Marcel LeSwift says:

    Who is this moron

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