I Was in the Neighborhood Yesterday

I drove by Holy Cross twice yesterday and went to a place nearby where I keep the signs for my protest.   I have not been back for the protest in recent months for several reasons, some family reasons and some work related.   I also know that Holy Cross will be around forever and I have plenty of time to come back and start again.  While I was in the neighborhood I thought of many of the people who I’ve known since my years at Holy Cross and my recent years at the protest.   Some of the people then are still at HC now!   And classmates later came back to work at the college.  Plus, it was such a great experience for me to meet current students who stopped by and talked to me about their own experiences of civil rights violations or wanted to hear more about mine.

I expect to be back to the vigil for justice soon.  To date, no one in the administration of the college has responded to the concerns I raised so I have to continue communicating this way.   I look forward to many new conversations about the need to address civil rights violations at the college.   I’m grateful that I can stand outside and remember all the great experiences I’ve had.

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